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Automating your patient outreach with PatientPrompt’s cloud-based communication platform can have a dramatic, positive impact on your organization and your patients.

No-show Impact


This dramatic reduction in no-shows is possible through PatientPrompt’s unique combination of features:

Escalating reminder protocols that start with an email reminder 5 days before the appointment, a voice call 3 days before and a text 1 day before. By using different communication channels and making multiple attempts on different days, the chance of connecting with a patient increases.

Real voice recordings that greet patients by name and with fewer mid-sentence breaks. This reduces hang-ups and makes it more likely that your message will be listened to.

Flexible messages that are tailored specifically for your patient and their upcoming appointment. By being relevant to your patient, you increase the chance they will take the desired action – like show up on the right date, at the right time, at the right location and prepared.

Financial Impact


With PatientPrompt, you will not only see revenue growth from reducing no-shows, but also from additional appointments being booked as well as accelerated payments.

No-show reduction. A 50-80% reduction in no-shows with PatientPrompt can translate into tens of thousands of dollars for small practices and millions in revenue for large healthcare organizations each year. Consider this example: an organization originally has 1,000 no-shows in a month, PatientPrompt brings that down to 300 (a 70% improvement). At a conservative $100 for each appointment, this yields $840K in revenue each year!

Additional Appointments. PatientPrompt can be used to notify patients that a follow-up appointment is needed, that it’s time for a check-up (preventative care) or that they should consider getting a flu-shot or a mammogram (population health). These new appointments translate into additional revenue.

Accelerated payments. Friendly reminders sent to patients to let them know they have multiple ways to pay (online, via phone, etc.) helps accelerate payments – putting cash back into your organization faster.

Staff Impact

“[Without PatientPrompt] I’d be looking at a schedule and I’d be looking at a piece of paper or a report trying to figure out who confirmed. Our staff has been given one of healthcare’s most precious resources – TIME.”

– Grace Rea, Urology San Antonio
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PatientPrompt can have a remarkable positive effect on staff. There is less manual effort needed and their days are more predictable.

Less manual work. PatientPrompt eliminates the need to dial each patient one-by-one for reminders, follow-ups or to suggest that they are due for an appointment. With PatientPrompt’s direct, real-time synchronization to your EHR there is no need for staff to manually update appointment statuses, or extract and upload files. Bottom line, your staff is able to focus on other tasks.

Predictable staffing. With PatientPrompt, more patients arrive on time and are better prepared for their appointments. As a result, your schedule becomes more predictable which means that you don’t have to ramp up or scale down your staffing levels at the spur of a moment. Imagine how much smoother a day at your organization would be.

Patient Impact


PatientPrompt is designed with many features that enhance the experience that patients have with your healthcare organization.

Reduced wait times. When patients arrive on time and are prepared properly, there is less disruption to your schedule. This means patients spend less time in your waiting area.

No repeat reminders. PatientPrompt is an intelligent system and can suppress further reminders to patients who have already confirmed their appointment. Without this feature, patients would continue to receive reminders for appointments that have already been confirmed.

Multiple message consolidation. PatientPrompt has the ability to consolidate multiple messages to the same patient on the same day. You can rest easy knowing that patients will not be annoyed by multiple emails or phone calls from your organization.

Meaningful Use Impact


“If a patient is diabetic and hasn’t been in within three months, they get a call based on predetermined rules. Patients that are supposed to get a physical each year are contacted at the proper time”

– Josiah Mooney, Trinity Mother Saint
Frances Hospitals & Clinics
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PatientPrompt can help healthcare organizations meet several Meaningful Use criteria including:

Portal Usage. With PatientPrompt you can send email, voice and text notifications to encourage patients to register, log-in and use your portal. For example, notifying patients via text that their lab results are available on your portal.

Patient Educational Materials. Through PatientPrompt, healthcare organizations can send relevant links and educational materials as a follow-up after an encounter/procedure. Receipt of this type of message is logged and tracked directly within your EHR through our real-time synchronization.

Secure Messaging. PatientPrompt’s interactive communications can help satisfy the MU requirement for patient-initiated secure messaging.

Patient Reminders. PatientPrompt’s automated reminders satisfy the MU patient reminder criteria. More importantly, your patients will know when they should be making follow-up/return appointments

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