How can you adapt to growing practice pains?

How can you adapt to growing practice pains?

In a growing practice, you will most likely find yourself with limited resources: time, money, and maybe even staff. Even with these limited resources, you still need to provide a top-notch patient experience. The best way to make the most out of your existing resources is to streamline your administrative processes, especially regarding patient communication.

Here are 3 ways to save time and cut down on administrative costs of patient communications.

Leave the phone calls to the experts

When your office phones are ringing off the hook and you have patients waiting for attention, you need to find a way to be able to manage everyone. With a telephone answering service, you can forward your callers to trained professionals so that your staff can focus on attending to patients, or other important tasks that were left to the wayside. Call agents with medical-specific training are able to handle your calls just like you would, and save you time by managing phone interactions like scheduling appointments, providing information, and transferring callers as required. An answering service is also invaluable for when your practice experiences peaks and valleys in call volumes.

Make appointment reminders without picking up the phone

With more patients comes a greater need for appointment reminders, but how will you reach out to all of those patients effectively? Manually calling is inefficient: your staff spends their valuable time making reminder calls, only to not reach everyone during daytime hours. A better way is to automate appointment reminders with a service that pulls information from your EHR and sends reminders via email, voice, or text.

Without requiring any time commitment from staff, automated appointment reminders allow you to save hours per day to focus on other tasks. Automated appointment reminders also have the benefit of including instructions, like special preparations for tests. When patients are prepared, providers are happy.

Recall reminders are important for a practice to get patients who are due for an appointment into the office, and can be made simple with your automated reminders service. You can quickly reach a specific population of patients in order to remind them to set up an appointment by calling the office, or even easier, an answering service.

With voice calls, you also have the ability to add on a temporary message at the end of every message, such as a reminder about new office hours, which will play at the end of every message only for a short period of time.

Promote your new locations with message broadcasting

In order to quickly and efficiently notify your patients about updates for locations, practice procedures, or addresses, you can use a message broadcasting tool to send notifications through voice, email, or text. This is especially useful in a situation where you need to send out a message quickly, like in the case of an office closure due to a weather emergency.

Outsourcing your patient communications will allow your office staff to focus time on other important tasks, streamline your office operations, reduce costs, and improve your patient experience.

Stericycle Communication Solutions offers telephone answering, automated reminders, and message broadcasting to help your practice adjust to growing pains. Madison Avenue Radiology used PatientPrompt from Stericycle as the practice was growing, in order to cut down on office staff time being spent on appointment reminders. This resulted in improved staff and patient satisfaction, as well as saving more than 20 hours per week making appointment reminders. Read more about how PatientPrompt helped Madison Avenue Radiology increase their attendance rate and improve office efficiency in our case study here.