Case Study – Patient Prompt® Reduces No-Shows and Recovers Revenue for CIS

CardiovascularInstituteCSThumbnailCardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS), the cardiology choice for southern Louisiana, is among the nation’s most respected cardiology groups, offering a broad range of advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities, including cardiac electrophysiology and interventional cardiology.

CIS has grown quickly and the practice continues to expand, with 35 physicians and 450 team members who care for over 20,000 patients at 13 regional locations.

The No-Show Challenge

With rapid growth came logistical challenges. The practice’s robo-dialer appointment-reminder system was losing 12% of all patients to appointment no-shows—translating into half a million dollars in losses each month.

Cindy Luke, Data/Project Analyst for CIS, said that the robo-dialer had “dropped the ball over and over again, and we didn’t have time for that.”

Consequently, the practice reverted to manual calling, but only reduced no-show to 11%.   This single percentage of savings was quickly offset by increased staff and administrative costs.

“CIS was growing,” said Ms. Luke.   “We needed efficiency.   We needed a company who could really meet our needs.”

The Head-to-Head Test

CIS diligently compared features between various products.   Patient Prompt® was one of a number of vendors asked to review CIS’s practice’s protocols and devise a solution to reduce patient no-shows.

Patient Prompt® offered clear advantages, such as “Seamless Two Way Technology”™ and superior customization.   But Patient Prompt® did more, offering a head-to-head test between North America’s most advanced patient-communication tool and the existing robo-dialer system.

The Results

Patient Prompt® created a fully customized and completely integrated advanced patient-communication solution that clearly outperformed the competition:

  • Patient Prompt® decreased CIS’s no-show rate by 25%, ultimately reducing no-shows from 12% to 9% within months of deployment.
  •   CIS enjoyed over 300 additional patient arrivals each month at the two tested locations.
  • CIS reported an increase of $147,688 in new revenue over the course of the head-to-head trial.

Patient Prompt®’s advantage over the competition was clear: CIS gained 353 net visits per month, resulting in a 4,000% return on investment.   There was no comparison.   Patient Prompt® was the clear winner.  

The Patient Prompt® Advantage

Patient Prompt®’s fully customized solution was seamlessly integrated into CIS’s McKesson Practice Partner software, offering real time reporting directly to CIS’s scheduler.   The system learned the optimum method of communication for each patient, whether voice message, email, or SMS/text.

Because of the overwhelming success, CIS now uses Patient Prompt® at all 13 CIS offices.

CIS also engaged Patient Prompt® to perform a variety of additional, customized solutions:

  • Patient Recalls: Patient Prompt® reaches out to patients who are overdue for follow-ups by reminding them of their appointment.   Patient Prompt® allowed CIS to schedule a follow-up visit for a patient six months in advance, a limitation of most schedulers.
  • Missed Appointment Notifications: Patient Prompt® contacts patients the day after a missed appointment to re-book and recapture the lost revenue.   The system uses a “very customizable” script to “reach out to patients,” explained Cindy Luke.   CIS’s previous provider would make calls, but handled them inappropriately—frequently confusing both staff member and patient.   “The trick was to have the call bridged,” so that both staff and patient would understand the reason for a Patient Prompt® automated call.
  • Last Minute Schedule Changes: Patient Prompt® adjusts to any scheduling changes—including sudden inclement weather.   “In the past, if we had had to shut our clinics down for poor weather,” said Cindy Luke, “we wold have had to print schedules a couple of days prior, which meant a lot more manual processes.   With Patient Prompt® it was a direct connect!”
  • Customization: “Another thing I really like about Patient Prompt®,” said Cindy, “was the customization that they offer.”   Patient Prompt® established complex and tailored response parameters for CIS calls.   “There was a high degree of customization, and then it operated seamlessly behind the scenes thereafter.”
  • Client Portal: Another significant advantage for CIS was their ability to access the program and make immediate changes.   “I have complete access at my fingertips,” said Ms. Luke.   “If I want to put a patient on ‘do-not call,’ I can.   If I want to go and listen to the actual message the patient receives, I can pull that file with ease.”   Having immediate access to the audio files was an advantage.

“I am very pleased with the entire Patient Prompt® experience,” said Hailey Fontenac, Administrator with the Cardiovascular Institute of the South.   “The reports are extremely easy to read, and the voicemails very informative.   I like the fact that the patient cannot just press a number to cancel an appointment.   Being able to leave a message forces them to explain the cancellation.   I also asked random patients about their experience and I received very positive feedback.”

The Cardiovascular Institute of the South reduced no-shows and dramatically increased revenue.   Isn’t it time your practice discovered intelligent patient communication?

There is a better way.   Patient Prompt®

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