It’s Just An Appointment Reminder…..Really?

One of our greatest challenges at Patient Prompt® is educating healthcare practices on the value of adopting an effective patient communication strategy. It’s understandable; practices are often overwhelmed with the task of moving to new EMR/EHR solutions that they will overlook the need for streamlining their patient management efforts.

The truth is, reassessing your patient communication needs costs very little time and money, and will yield your practice improved efficiencies, reduced labor costs and increased revenue. Reaching out to your patients in an effective, reliable, manner is a critical part of the success of any practice. Understanding how patient communication has evolved and what the technology is capable of will provide you with the tools necessary to meet the demanding needs of your patients, and providers.

We recently conducted an online webinar for a group of CFO’s from some of the largest and respected healthcare practices in the United States. All were eager to understand how patient communication had evolved and how it can play a role in reducing costs in their practice environment.

Common Misconceptions
When asked how appointment reminders played a role in their practice, many of the CFO’s were unaware of the labor costs associated with properly reaching out to their patients, the effectiveness of their current methods, and the technologies that worked most effectively with their current scheduling systems.

A common misconception was that simple courtesy reminders were an effective method of reaching out to patients. Many practices were using auto-dialer technology and still experiencing no-show rates as high as 11%.

The perception that it’s just a reminder call, leaves many practices with an often ineffective appointment reminder system that neither reaches patients properly, but often represents a poor return on investment.

Patient Communication Has Evolved
Whether you choose our advanced patient communication technology or opt for a more rudimentary auto-dialer technology, it is important to understand your options. Patient communication technology has evolved tremendously over the past few years.   Practices now have the ability to automatically   contact patients by voice, text and email, receive real-time confirmations directly posted to their scheduling systems, create automated patient recall programs, generate programmed wellness and chronic care initiatives and generate increased revenue.

Discover Intelligent Patient Communication
We invite you to learn more about how appointment reminders have evolved, how an effective patient communication strategy will have an immediate impact on your practice’s bottom line and how by simply implementing proven best practices, you can improve patient confirmations and outcomes.

There is a better way…Patient Prompt®!