Patient Prompt™ Introduces Full Range Multi-Lingual Messaging

Patient Prompt™ has just launched its proprietary, fully bi-directional multi-lingual messaging functionality for 2012. As part of our continuing commitment to offer the most effective, and advanced patient communication tool in the industry, Patient Prompt™ has developed Full Range Multi-Lingual Messaging to meet the needs of practices whose communities contain diverse, multi-cultural patient demographics.

Patient Prompt’s™ Full Range Multi-Lingual Messaging offers voice, text and email messaging in up to 25 different languages. Through its patented “Seamless Two Way Technology”™, Patient Prompt™ is able to automatically determine which language a patient prefers, send the reminder out in the appropriate language and post the confirmed patient appointment directly to the practice scheduler in real time. In addition, Patient Prompt™ will also identify which language the message was sent and received in.

No other patient communication tool offers this level of intelligence as a multi-lingual function.

About Patient Prompt™

Since 2004 Patient Prompt™ has been the leader in “Seamless Two Way Technology”™ and an innovator in patient communication technology. A technology solution provider specializing in healthcare patient communication, Patient Prompt™ offers advanced, customized, affordable and effective patient communication solutions.

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