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Preventative Care Programs

Improve Patient Outcomes With Patient Prompt’s®  PrevCare  Initiative

A critical part of managing your patient population’s health is the ability to reach out to your patients more effectively for preventative care initiatives.

Patient Prompt® has developed a comprehensive, cost effective solution that allows practices to increase the success rate of patient compliance for wellness and chronic care programs.

Three Easy Steps to Implement Preventative Care Programs

Patient Prompt® PrevCare™ allows practices to completely automate the entire preventative care process. From identifying patient demographics which qualify for preventative care programs to reporting results for compliance funding. Patient Prompt® PrevCare™ offers an efficient, effective, and reliable alternative to costly third party preventative care solutions.

Chronic & Preventative Care Programs ImplementationEnhancing Your Certified EMR

Leverage the capabilities of your existing Certified EMR by using Patient Prompt®. Our patented “Seamless Two Way Technology”™ integrates seamlessly with your EMR’s database to create a highly effective patient communication tool capable of creating a fully customized patient outreach program.

Patient Prompt® PrevCare™ will provide your practice with the ability to accomplish  Chronic Care, Preventative Care, Screenings, & Vaccine Initiatives,  in a reliable, efficient and cost effective way.

We offer a fully customized solution based on your specific practice and funding needs which includes custom reporting to facilitate compliance tracking and revenue.

Patient Prompt® PrevCare™ program is part of a comprehensive patient communication strategy designed to improve patient communication, create efficiencies, and increase revenue for your busy practice.

For a more detailed overview of how Patient Prompt® can assist your practice with Meaningful Use Compliance, PQRI Objectives, and improving patient outcomes, we encourage you to schedule a brief online presentation.

How We Compare To Third Party Preventative Care Services

Patient Prompt® PrevCare™ was designed to meet the needs of practices requiring a more cost effective alternative to third party preventative care services. Our ability to integrate with your existing EMR Scheduling System and customize very specific reminder protocols for Preventative Care Initiatives means reduced upfront costs, improved efficiencies, and allows your practice the ability to leverage the investment you have made in your existing Certified EMR.

Patient Prompt® offers a fully customized approach to meet your practice’s specific meaningful use requirements. Here is a quick synopsis of the benefits of creating an in-house customized preventative care program vs third party preventative care services:

PrevCare™ vs. Third Party Preventative Care Solutions

PrevCare™ vs. Third Party Preventative Care Solutions

For a more comprehensive review of our PrevCare™ program, contact your Patient Prompt® account manager today for a no obligation 15 minute online presentation. It will give you a great overview of our application, its costs and how Patient Prompt® PrevCare™ can have a profound impact in improving patient outcomes in your practice environment.