The Patient Prompt Advantage

Smart Calling Technology

One of the most unique and effective features of  Patient Prompt® is our advanced (((Smart Calling Technology)))™.   Specifically designed to reduce the number of attempts necessary to reach and confirm patient appointments, Patient Prompt®‘s (((Smart Calling Technology)))™ has revolutionized patient communication.

Embedded in our voice component, our proprietary (((Smart Calling Technology)))™ has the ability to:

  1. Distinguish whether we have reached a human voice or machine and either leave a message or not, depending on the protocol we have created for your practice. Why This Is Important: Not all technologies are alike. Many applications today use dated technology that cannot recognize a message machine properly. This results in messages that are cut off or incomplete.  Patient Prompt® uses the most advanced technology to deliver messages reliably and effectively.
  2. Recognize a busy signal. While most other applications will hang up,  Patient Prompt® will stay on the line until free because it recognizes that there is a human voice on the other end, increasing your chances of reaching your patients. Why This Is Important: When most reminders reach a busy signal they hang up and often will not try back for hours. Our studies show by programming  Patient Prompt® to wait for the line to be free we will dramatically increase confirmation rates.
  3. Remember the last time we successfully reached a patient and will try and reach them at that specific day and time for future reminders. This will significantly increase patient appointment confirmations and reduce costs for your practice. Why This Is Important: Using a logic based approach allows  Patient Prompt® to recall successful confirmation dates and times. By understanding when the patient is most likely to be home,  Patient Prompt® has a higher degree of reaching and confirming the appointment on the first attempt.

Every aspect of our reminders has been created to reduce costs for the practice and improve results. Practice Administrators understand this immediately when they receive their first reports. Higher confirmation rates, exceptional ROI, improved patient satisfaction and reduced labor costs.

We invite you to schedule a brief 15 minute presentation to discover how (((Smart Calling Technology)))™ can have a positive impact on your practice environment.